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    Paranoia and pregnancy make strange bedfellows

    S is a model patient! He does as he’s told, when he’s told.

    I on the other hand… not so much. I am very diligent about preventative check-ups, but for anything else I’m a “feel-your-way through wellbeing” kinda person. I avoid taking meds (unless I’m told to) and go in to see a doctor only when there are things I know I can’t take care of on my own.
    But now things are different. If I feel something is not right, I can’t just say “I’ll just watch it and see what happens”.

    Case in point: these past 24 hours.

    Within an hour of being awake I received the sharpest cramp I’ve had in a long time. It was the kind of cramp that made you sit down and take a deep breath; the kind of cramp that made it painful to walk.
    Now over the last year I’ve felt menstrual cramps, ovary stimulation cramps, implantation cramps (which fyi feel like menstrual cramps), uterus growth cramps, and some good round ligament cramps for good measure. I also well recall hernia cramps from a few years ago too.
    All in all, my cramps repertoire is pretty well rounded! So when this cramp came it was new, it was different, and it was scary. Especially when it didn’t go away! It would get milder then worse, then mild again, and then return with a nice dose of nausea. When there’s been no nausea for the first trimester, or this kind of discomfort, having these feelings is not comforting. Normally, non-pregnant me would say “Eeeh, watch it, but leave it alone.” Pregnant me on the other hand says “I’m sure all is fine, but better go and talk to someone.”

    So I did!

    I talked to my clinic yesterday, I went in today. A few phone conversations, a Doppler test, an ultrasound, and a cervix exam later we know that the munchkin is doing fine. It waved at us during the ultrasound, which is even cooler.

    The doc thinks it’s gastro-intestinal. The baby is hanging out pretty much right by my large intestine. For all I know it could be doing some head-butts in there just to make sure I know who’s boss. Who knows, maybe I’m raising a head-banger?

    I felt apologetic for being paranoid, but my doc was great! She was understanding and not dismissive in any way… which brings me to my next point: I LOVE my new clinic!!! Between the prompt attention to my call yesterday where I actually talked to my OB, her calling last night to check up on me, and the attention I got from the clinic today without having an appointment I am simply thrilled. I feel like moving to this practice was a great decision.

    With all this though, I came home last night and S and I rented a Doppler. I’d have felt better being able to hear the heart-beat and know that all is well. It arrives next week. So who wants to hear baby heart-beat?

    One response to “Paranoia and pregnancy make strange bedfellows”

    1. EmWed says:

      I want to, I want to! 🙂

      Glad everything’s ok. I would have been scared too.

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