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    Project “Nursery” – Complete!

    Ok, you’ve seen some pieces here and there of our nursery. Well – here are the final pics.

    [far & back walls. The only thing missing are our pregnancy shoot photos.]

    [door wall]

    [closet & back walls]

    [wet bottoms go here & yes, I enjoy our label-maker a bit too much]

    My sis’ work came out amazing! Looking at it makes me smile.

    In general, my “nesting” has been focused 100% on this room. I don’t seem to care about having the rest of the house spotless, but for some reason having this room be ready for G has been where my energy wants to go.

    Even Neko (our four-legged, meowing kid) approves of the room. The other day he even walked me there just to hang out in it together. He’s figured out that our glider is really comfy after watching me sit (and nap) in it as often as I do. He finally got up in it and proceeded to take a nap while my mom and I were folding and putting away baby clothes. Whenever I got close, he’d open a sleepy eye and give me this look like “You didn’t want me to move, did ya’? ‘Cuz I won’t!”

    So hopefully G will take lots of good, comfy naps in here… preferably ones that last all through the night 🙂

    P.S. Enjoy the crib bumper while it lasts. G won’t be! He’ll be getting a breathable (and not quite as fashionable) crib bumper instead.

    13 responses to “Project “Nursery” – Complete!”

    1. Christina says:

      It’s gorgeous!!! Congratulations on getting it all finished! I love the definition of the name underneath…I have a nephew named G******, so I love this room all the more!

    2. Patty says:

      This turned out great! A perfect room for a little boy, and seeing those pictures makes me love G’s name even more! Great colors and great style!

    3. Ariel says:

      Your sister’s work turned out amazing! The whole room looks great in fact. I love that even Neko likes the chair! It is really nice, I love it sooo much. I can’t belive G will be here in a few weeks. I remeber sending you sticky and growing dust in your 2ww, and now you are almost to your destanation. It just amazes me. Congrats A and S I know G will make an amazing addition to your already wonderful family.

    4. kelly says:

      It looks so great! I love the green and brown together. It’s all very stylish 🙂

    5. Kirsten says:


    6. Liza says:

      Love the nursery and the color choice is so different but so neat… love the whole modern, cool style… Love that glider/rocking chair…. and the art work is amazing.. so much fun!
      Now..the only thing missing is that cute little G of yours napping on that gorgeous crib.. then that room will shine!!

    7. Jessica says:

      The nursery looks AMAZING!! I love it! so fun 🙂

    8. Alison says:

      GORGOUES A – you guys did a GREAT job!! And your sisters art is incredible!! Baby G si soo lucky already!!

    9. EmWed says:

      Looks great!

    10. Ahhh… I really love those colors. Maybe next year, I am going to paint MY bedroom with green and brown! =)

    11. kfishie says:

      Super cute! Love the colors and the name “sign.” Baby G is going to be a happy baby in this room!

    12. Stephanie (Mrs.Stephanie) says:

      I love your nursery!!! It looks perfect. I can’t believe G is almost here, exciting times.

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