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    Huh, so morning sickness ends at 2:35pm

    I’ve been feeling yucky. It sucks. Kind of. I say “kind of”, because while I really don’t enjoy the way I feel, I am comforted by feeling gross. Feeling gross means that my HCG levels are still climbing, and if they’re climbing, the baby is doing OK. Until that first u/s, and being able to listen to the heart-beat on my own, this is the only thing I have to hang onto to make me feel “safe”.

    With this said, I’m thankful I’m not hugging the porcelain bowl and I’m hoping it will stay that way.

    I’ve heard the saying that every pregnancy is different. While, yes, I acknowledged this was true, I didn’t realize HOW different, and how QUICKLY different would be. In this regard, it makes me feel like I’m experiencing pregnancy for the first time.

    I came home from work today (I bailed WAAAAY early might I add) with an arsenal of home remedies: ginger-ale, lemon oil, preggie pops, and even the big guns: Unisom. I’m gonna try and stay away from the Unisom if I can manage it, so tomorrow morning I’ll be starting my day off by reaching for my B6, ginger-ale, and crackers. If I can survive on this alone, I’ll be a happy girl.

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