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    Do you know what you’re having? Why, yes – a monkey!

    I’ve noticed a very interesting pattern of conversations that I’m having lately with complete strangers. First of all, I’m definitely approached a lot more frequently by people I’ve never met in my whole life who try to make small-talk. Everyone is super nice, but there is most certainly a trend in how the conversation proceeds. It generally goes something like this:

    [stranger] When are you due? (or sometimes a variation of, by asking how far along I am)
    [me] 7 months
    [stranger] Do you know what you’re having?

    This is the one that I find amusing. I know they’re curious if it’s a boy or a girl, but the question itself is funny. I should say “A baby! DUUUUH!”, but every once in a while I get a crazy urge to say something like “a monkey”, or other random animal that comes to mind. However, realizing that my normal smart-assedness should be reserved to people who wouldn’t be offended, I just smile, giggle on the inside, and give the proper gender answer.

    It’s experiences like this that make me wonder if I used to ask the same thing. And now that I’m going through this experience, I wonder how it will change how I interact with other pregnant women.

    … at the very least I’ll probably change the question above to “Do you know the gender of the baby?” And if I don’t — please, feel free to tell me you’re having a monkey of your very own.

    3 responses to “Do you know what you’re having? Why, yes – a monkey!”

    1. mamadep says:

      because I didn’t find out the sex of my baby, I DID answer “a baby”. 🙂 It was great to see their reactions. 🙂

    2. EmWed says:

      I’ve answered that question with “a baby” too. 😉

    3. Just today I was asked this and said “a baby”. Of course we also don’t know what we are having yet so for me this is the only true response I can give.

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