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    Kick me! Please!

    I “think” I might be feeling the baby move… either that or I have gas… which is also very likely. Feels about the same, yet different in a strange way.

    Time will tell.

    3 responses to “Kick me! Please!”

    1. Kittylove says:

      Oooh that is so exciting! I can’t belive you might be feeling HIM kick. Let us know when you become sure of what is happening.

    2. MamaDep says:

      I am sure that’s baby! you are right at the “normal” time to feel it! Very exciting! Enjoy it now because its one of the sensations of pregnancy that is the first to be only a distant memory.

    3. Congrats on a boy. My boy was pretty easy after he stopped the temper tantrums. Really he was a pleasurable baby and child.

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