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    It’s a bruise, no… wait… it’s a stretch-mark

    Yeah, it was inevitable, and I’m not upset about it, but it amuses me how long it took me to recognize the markings on my skin as stretch-marks. I thought they were indentations from pants, or maybe a bruise, until yesterday it hit me – stretch-marks. It’s almost like earning my first set of “mommy stripes”. In this case… almost literally ;p

    I won’t subject you to a picture of that, but heres some belly shots from today:

    I only have a few weeks left of these so I’m trying to be good about taking one each week. I put the one in on the right, because my pink PJs don’t really reflect that I really am mostly belly.

    My first maternity leave day was today. I woke up around 8 after successfully ignoring Neko’s 6am meows and S’s many alarms (the man requires at least 3 to rise). Upon waking up I had the best feeling: my colleagues were on their way to work, and I had a day of gluttonously blissful relaxation ahead. It was almost like playing hooky, and that feeling was way better than any day of vacation I’ve ever had! I got together with my friend A: we walked on the beach at Pacifica, watched the surfers wait around for waves and had lunch. I had a blast. You know that saying “Time flies when you’re having fun?” Yeah – I lived that today. All of a sudden 4 hours had passed by and it was time to go.

    I spent my afternoon attending another hospital tour with S. The first trips we made were to interview hospitals. Since then we’ve had questions, and realized we probably need a refresher visit. We turned into one of THOSE couples: you know… the ones that kept asking obscure questions making the tour take 3 times longer than it normally would? S walked away saying that one of the other expectant dads kept giving him the evil eye whenever we’d ask anything. Quite frankly, I didn’t care. He may not realize that asking how many pillows the hospital provides just helped his wife plan how much to pack for.

    Days like today really are helping me get ready for G. Even after only 10 hours, I feel calmer and more prepared (as if one ever could be). No clue what the rest of the week will bring, but so far life is good!

    3 responses to “It’s a bruise, no… wait… it’s a stretch-mark”

    1. Rebecca says:

      You’re looking very cute. I’m sorry about the stretch marks, but they’re not so bad once they fade…

    2. Kittylove says:

      I had a great time too! You look really cute and I still don’t think you have dropped, maybe a tad but not much, not like you will. 😉

    3. Can’t wait to see a few more of your belly pics. You are looking good… and ready to pop too! =)

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