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    It hurts when I walk. I need to do more of it.

    Enforcing the saying that every pregnancy is different, the pregnancy-faerie is having some fun with my joints. I feel pretty stiff and in quite a bit of  pain from time to time. I have good days and not so good days, and the fact that I feel so stiff and achy mid-way through pregnancy, I fear,
    does not bode well for me come October and November.

    I’m acknowledging that I need help… of the exercise variety.

    While pregnant with G, I started meeting with a personal trainer twice a week from week 13 on. Plus I was in decent shape when I got pregnant. Now, it’s been two+ years later, with no regular exercise to speak of. And sadly, my body can tell.

    So I joined a prenatal exercise class. It meets twice a week, which is perfect and it’s close to home. It’s low impact, but still gets me moving and doing things I won’t on my own. The woman who leads it is a doula and childbirth educator, which is an interesting bonus, but not a personal trainer by any means, which in a minus. Luckily through all my previous sessions with a PT I know what’s a bad idea to do, so I can watch myself to prevent injury. Her sessions are exercise plus added childbirth/pregnancy/what’s on your mind conversations. It’s entertaining at the least.

    I’m hoping that introducing some exercise in my life right now will help loosen up those muscle cob-webs and get rid of the joint pain. But above all else, I’m hoping that my c/s recovery will also be made easier. I really want to feel the same way as after G: no pain meds and walking around with ease days after surgery.

    A girl can hope, right?

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