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    Integrated screening: 1/100,000


    So the results have changed since the last time the integrated screening was done. First off, the screening is performed by the state, which is new (at least to my pregnancy experience) and the results seem a bit different.

    I just got a letter with the results from my first, and second trimester blood draws, combined with the NT screen. They are as follows:

    – less than 1/100,000 risk of Down Syndrome for my current age, and 1/100,000 risk for my age of egg retrieval.

    – less than 1/100,000 risk for Trisomy 18, and 1/100,000 risk for my age of egg retrieval. This is the one that’s been tormenting me the most

    – less than 1/10,000 risk for Smith-Lemli-Optiz Syndrome, Chromosome Abnormalities and SCD (Fetal Demise), based on current age

    – well below the 2.5 cutoff for neural tube defects, based on current age

    So S2 is looking well so far on the gambling wheel of health issues. While this doesn’t promise us 100% that he won’t have these issues, the chances of it are really low and this makes me happy. Dr. M (who got these results even before I did) said that this is as good as she gets to see, so I’m going to live stress free for a bit.

    I am actually looking forward to next week’s Big U/S. Having the Bulgarian u/s is actually helping me in that regard, in the sense of things looked good, organ wise 2 weeks ago, and I feel optimistic the diagnosis will be confirmed.

    Keep bakin’ kiddo!

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