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    I failed a test!

    Yesterday morning, bright and early I got up and went to our local blood-sucking lab for my gestational diabetes test. I had to drink an overly sweet drink in 5 minutes that progressively tasted worse (to me) with each gulp, wait an hour and then have my blood taken. All of this, to find out I have to do it again 🙁

    That’s right: I “failed” the 1 hour glucose test. By failing, I mean that my results came back high. This is a potential indicator for gestational diabetes. I’m not particularly concerned about it: I know gestational diabetes affects 4% of pregnant women and a significantly higher number than that fail the 1 hour glucose test. If it turns out that I do have it, it should go away after birth, G will be OK, and I can manage my insulin either through diet or meds. Like I said – I’m not too worried. I won’t be unless told to worry anyway.

    Our OB, concerned that the results could have been thrown off by my 15 hour travel the night before gave me two options: repeat the 1 hour test (I get do-over’s here) or go in for the 3 hour test. I opted for the 3 hour one. If I do the 1 hour, and it comes in high again, I’ll have to do the 3 hour one anyway. I might as well spare myself one potential nasty drink visit.

    For this next version I have to not eat for 12 hours (which will be hard), get my blood taken, take twice the dosage of the yucky drink, and then have my blood taken 3 more times on the hour. Any of this sound fun? Good – then you can trade places with me ;p

    5 responses to “I failed a test!”

    1. MrsCerruti2be says:

      I failed too. Makes it better when I know someone else failed. I failed by 2 lowsy points. I thought the drink tasted progressively worse too. I even gagged during the last couple of gulps. Hope you pass the next one. 🙂

    2. Kittylove says:

      If it makes you feel better I know I will be taking the three hour test. I have high blood suger anyway and GD runs in the family. 🙁 I know you will pass the 3 hour one since you only failed by a point.

    3. Hannah says:

      I hope you get it next time!! I will not trade places with you as I *hate* having my blood drawn. They can never find my veins. Apparently, I’m a vampire…

    4. Rebecca says:

      I know how hard it must be for you to fail a test 😉

      Personally, I always refuse this test because I think it sounds like it would be terrible for you, especially if you did have blood sugar issues… what part of “starve yourself and then flood your system with a ridiculous amount of sugar” could possibly be good for you.. maybe instead of taking the retest you could just do some of the dietary changes they would suggest if you failed again (which I don’t think you would, but eating less sugar for a couple months isn’t going to hurt anybody, and the test sounds unpleasant)

    5. emeraldwed says:

      I bet you pass the 3-hour one. 🙂

      I just took the one-hour one yesterday. We’ll see how that turns out..

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