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    How’s a baby going to come out of THAT?

    When I was about 5 I remember having a huge argument with one of my friends. The topic? Where babies came from. You see, at that time, I firmly believed that babies came out of your belly button. My friend’s theory was a little more … graphic. In my defense, the baby lived in the belly, there was a belly button whole that didn’t seem to have much other use (aside from lint collection) so it made sense.

    Where's it going?Well… ever since my belly started growing, my belly-button started shrinking. I don’t have a “before” picture, but here’s an after:

    Now, how’s a baby going to come out of this I ask?

    At this rate, I’ll be minus a belly button by the time we’re done. Or does it pop-out like the turkey thermometer when it indicates I’m done baking?

    On a side note, here’s a belly pic from this past Saturday. 26 weeks and growing!

    Belly - 26w

    P.S. In my mother’s defense, I will say that I was well educated on how babies GOT there. I just must have skipped/ignored/psychologically blocked-out how they got OUT.

    8 responses to “How’s a baby going to come out of THAT?”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Cute belly 🙂
      big change from the last picture!

      Mine did pop out at some point, but it was well before baby was done…

    2. EmWed says:

      Looking good! Too funny about the turkey thermometer. Let us know when that happens, lol!

    3. Alison (MyABCLife) says:


    4. MrsCerruti2be says:

      How cute is your belly? I wish mine looked like that. 😉

    5. twentyninetothirty says:

      While my former employer was out christmas shopping, her young son decided he need to know right then and there (in the middle of a crowded macy’s) where babies came from. She told him that was a question for another time. He insisted that he must know. and then he shouted “I just need to know! Do they come out of the poophole!!!”

      HA! This blog reminded me of that story 😉

    6. Naomi Sparman says:

      What a cute baby bump 🙂

    7. Hannah says:

      LOL!! That’s the cutest story, A. Looking good!

    8. Steve says:

      well…if you happen to have a C, it just might! I do have to say, after watching Karen’s c-section, it was pretty amazing to see the doc put his entire forearm into her belly and pull out a little boy. That made my eyes pop.

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