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    What caused this? Pregnancy. How did you do it? WHAT?!?

    Have you ever filled out a new patient form for a doctors office and paused at some of the questions you were asked? And I don’t mean paused in a “I don’t remember” kind of way. I mean more in a “What the $&$^#^?” kind of way.

    Well, I was filling out a patient form ahead of a chiropractic appointment I have set in the morning when I came across the following question:

    “What caused this complaint or how did you do it?”

    I responded simply “Pregnancy” while doing my best to keep my smart-ass in check. Why? Because here’s what I really wanted to say:

    “Well, you see, when a man and a woman REALLY like each other they do this ‘hug’…”

    I also contemplated drawing some stick-figure pictures. (Although in my case drawing me in stirrups with 4 people around me might have confused them)

    However, I was only given one line (and a quarter) to respond, so I just kept it simple 🙂

    My inner 13-year old really wants out.

    2 responses to “What caused this? Pregnancy. How did you do it? WHAT?!?”

    1. JenDW says:

      We applied for life insurance shortly after Jack was born. We had to answer a lengthy questionnaire by phone as part of the application. There were a number of questions meant to ferret out chronic conditions, such as “when were you last in the hospital, when were you last prescribed medication” etc, all of which were like, um yes, I had a baby a few weeks ago.

      The line of questions that came up in the script after I answered yes to “has a medical professional ever advised you to stop drinking” (because you aren’t supposed to drink during PREGNANCY) …it was funny. The person following the script was very apologetic but she had to keep going with the script.

      • avalikelava says:

        Jen, yeah, I loved the nurse questionaire during life insurance application. The nurse came to our home, where she visibly saw my infant bring held by daddy. We’d talked about me recently having a child. Then she proceeded to ask if I had gained any substantial weight in the last year, looking at me completely clueless. Uhmn… yeah, results of said weight gain is but 20 feet away from you!

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