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    Got Milk?

    Have I mentioned that my aunt and cousin run a distribution center for baby clothes? What this means is that we came home with a bunch of super cute clothes for G.

    My favorite of course is this:

    S is insisting that this will be G’s daily feeding outfit. Too cute, no?

    And Yes, I will be the mother that will be giving her child a reason to seek therapy for the funky outfits she made him wear down the line.

    4 responses to “Got Milk?”

    1. Kittylove says:

      That is SO cute!

    2. Jamers125 says:

      I like the little cow coat! Too funny that S says that’s G’s “feeding outfit!” If that’s that case, then shouldn’t you also wear one? Haha… ;o)

    3. avalikelava says:

      Sigh… if they only had my size, I’d be ALL over it!

    4. Mrs.BoomBoom says:

      Jamers got there 1st, I asked if you got one too!

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