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    How to get out of jury duty 101

    Looking for a way to get out of jury duty? Being in labor, I think should be a good excuse.

    I just received my first jury duty summons and in typical jury duty fashion, I was requested for an aptly inappropriate date for my court appearance: 9/11. Aside from the interesting date choice, I have no idea if I will be:

    • with a 1 week old child
    • overdue and waiting to go into labor
    • in labor
    • in the hospital post-delivery

    Either way, my OB wrote me a nice excuse note today, so I get to defer jury duty.

    I would actually like to be a jury… just preferably not while I’m also battling contractions… or post-labor hormones. I would imagine any defendant would appreciate a non-hormonal-raging/contraction-free juror too.

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