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    Flip flops are not a fashion choice!

    Apparently they’re mandatory in later stages of pregnancy.

    Why, you might ask? Because, quite frankly, your feet don’t fit into anything else 🙂

    I don’t like flip-flops! Unless I’m going out somewhere nice in a high-heeled pair of sandals, I don’t even like wearing shoes without socks. I remember looking at pregnant ladies wearing their flip flops wondering “Why?”. Now I understand.

    I just think it’s funny. 2 weeks ago, the OB checked my feet and they were fine. Now less than 14 days later I feel like I’m walking on slightly inflated pillows.

    Although I haven’t 100% admitted defeat (aka de-feet) I am wearing my flip-flops more (good thing I actually own a pair). Luckily I work in a very casual environment, but I feel like I’m about to really push the limits with my modified foot-wear.

    All this means is that now my toes have to look pretty all the time. Great! Has anyone else tried applying nail polish (on their own) while X number of inches of belly are hanging out? No? O.k., assignment: take hardest pillow you can find, or bowling ball, or melon and stick under your shirt. Now bend over forward reaching for your toes. Working? I didn’t think so.

    This aside though, and it is very minor, and some of the other items creeping in here and there, I’m still loving being pregnant. I feel good… very good to be honest and G’s being the perfect baby.

    4 responses to “Flip flops are not a fashion choice!”

    1. Mrs.K&C says:

      I’m right there with you! Last week I had to convert to flip flops only. I can’t fit my swollen feet in anything else.

      I’m also resisting the pedicure (because I simply don’t like them) and did manage to give myself a very good one at 34 weeks, but I think that might have been the last. If she stays in, I may have to go get a pedicure. *shivers*

      p.s….I heard the foot swelling can last a few weeks after birth. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky we’re pregnant in the summer when post-PG flip flops won’t look too odd…

    2. S says:

      Ladies – i know they aren’t sexy, but they are pretty comfy. Maybe it’s time to try on some Crocs. They cover the toes (so no sweating the non-polished nails) and they are soft. For the ladies that will be PG/post-PG in the winter time, get a pair w/ the fuzzy inserts. 🙂

    3. Liza says:

      I my dear, lived in flip-flops for the last 3 months of my pregnancy… My feet grew a WHOLE size also…. sad but true..
      Also, since my joints got so loose, I couldn’t stand being on the smallest kind of heels and my ever wideing feet could never make it in any kind of closed shoes..
      Good thing it is summer, and you can totally get away with it 🙂

    4. Rebecca says:

      I think I just had to buy a bigger pair of shoes toward the end of pregnancy. You might as well give in and do the same, it’s quite possible that they won’t go back to their old size… About a year ago I finally gave in and got rid of over half my shoe collection, they were just too tight.

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