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    “Firsts”… and not so “Lasts”

    My last Saturday was supposed to be a day of firsts and a day lasts.

    The day of Lasts… or so I thought.
    I had patiently waited for my first trimester to be behind us before I can walk our needles and syringes into a pharmacy and bid them Adieu. So here S and I load ourselves into our car, with my red container of evilness in hand as we drive to our local Walgreen’s. I walk in with a spring in my step, eager to rid myself of the last poking reminder of what last year was all about. I wait my turn patiently to the front of the line, I place said container on the counter and say “I would like to dispose of my diabetic needles, please!” Ok, I kinda lied: the syringes are diabetic dosages (size and all)… they just didn’t get used for diabetic purposes. Only what do I hear? “Oh, we don’t take these here. I need to call my manager.” And so I wait. S is in the car with the engine running, for what was supposed to be a short “in and out” trip. Now’s he’s SMS’ing me to find out what’s taking so long. Finally the manager calls back 10 minutes later, saying that only the sheriff’s department of our county can accept used medical sharps. Blah! I got back in my car all gloomy: the container is here to stay awhile longer.
    I called the sheriff’s department only to find out that they don’t take them either, I have to go to the court-house… during business hours to dispose of them. Well, I can’t go during business hours: I, like them, also work, and during business hours, attend to my business, which is a good 30 miles away.

    So we’ve decided to wait until our next OB appointment and take them to our clinic. They have receptacles there and I’m hoping they’ll take mine too. All it means is that the red container of evil pokies is now getting driven around town with me for the next two weeks. Alas!

    The day of Firsts
    Last week I finally caved and realized it’s time to shop for preggie wear. S had been urging me to for awhile, and I caved. We went to Old Navy. I didn’t see anything for myself I wanted, but on the way out we did see this:

    Baby’s first onesie

    It reads “Earn Your Wings Flight School”. If you know anything about S and me, you know this is right up our alley. We’ve been spending mad free time in our local indoor skydiving wind-tunnel. The very first flight you can purchase there actually is called “Earn Your Wings”. Our kid will be a free-flying pro by the time it’s 5, and the thought of seeing it waddle around the establishment, wearing this onesie, as it watched mommy or daddy fly was too cool to pass up.

    This was MY first baby purchase! Some friends had already started shopping for us, which has been great, but this was the very first thing that we brought home.
    I couldn’t be happier 🙂

    2 responses to ““Firsts”… and not so “Lasts””

    1. A, I love the outfit. R’s famliy is a bunch of pilots and I have a bunch of flying outfits for when it is our time.

      I am sorry to hear you had trouble disposing of the needles, but I am sure the OB or RE will take them.

    2. Katie says:

      Hey, maybe I’ll send you my needles…I don’t know anywhere that will take mine, either. I kinda don’t want to part with them, now!

      Cute outfit!! Now go get some maternity clothes (online will have the best selection). You’ll never go back – super comfy!

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