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    First phrase

    G now officially has his first phrase. It’s “green ball” (or “geen ball” if you listen to him say it). I was debating whether I could count “oh, no!” from this past week-end, but now we have two more “official” words strung together.

    I’m excited! G still baby-babbles a ton, but I can’t wait to listen to the non-stop chatter of him telling me about his day… and actually understand what he’s saying.

    BTW, have I mentioned just how much I love his daycare?

    Speaking of daycare, I put in our application and deposit for the wee-one-baking yesterday. Yes, at only 4w along we’re on a wait list. Our daycare is really, really popular and their first opening, even for us, will be March 2011. I say even for us, because once you’re a parent here, you get priority in placement. Still, the list is this long, because other school parents are awaiting acceptance for their incoming kids. I swear, the current families will be keeping this program in business for years to come.

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