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    Every day is like Sunday!

    My last day of work (pre- my maternity leave) was yesterday. It was kind of exciting and sad to walk away from my desk.

    I was telling S this morning that now every day until G arrives will feel like Sunday. He looked at me and asked “Don’t you mean Saturday?” I responded “No, Sunday is like knowing you have one more day before you have to go back to work. We wait for labor, knowing that each day could be the last day.” It’s a bitter-sweet feeling.

    So how did I celebrate my first day off?

    • Brunch and baby talk with A & B
    • Yet another trip to Babies R Us (I think they just need to assign me my own parking spot there)
    • Running a few chores at a few more stores
    • Nap! Yep, I came home, put my feet up and proceeded to nap for a good hour.

    Now, let’s see how long I’ll manage being at home before I get bored enough to want to self-induce labor 🙂

    3 responses to “Every day is like Sunday!”

    1. Patty says:

      That’s wonderful! I wish napping was just a standard for every day life!

    2. Kittylove says:

      I am so happy for you A! I can’t believe G will be here soon. I will see you Monday, and don’t worry about the boredom, I’ll come out and visit any time!

    3. Alison says:

      I seriously need to send you that Smith’s song. Just ’cause you got it stuck in my head, so now you must be tortured. (I also have a cover of it by The Pretenders, if you have a preference.)


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