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    Ding, dong, the pricks are gone!

    The container of sharps? It’s gone, baby!

    And it only took:

    • 1 visit to Walgreen’s pharmacy: denied
    • 1 visit to Long’s pharmacy: denied
    • 1 visit to my OBGYN: denied
    • 1 visit to the local hospital: denied! (go figure that one: a hospital would not dispose of used patient needles)
    • 2 calls to the county’s sheriff department: denied (even though I was referred to them)
    • 1 visit to a specified firehouse: success

    To get rid of these suckers.

    At this rate, given how complicated this was to do, I am in no way surprised people would give up, quit and just put them in the trash.

    Regardless: needles are outta here!

    Ding, dong, the pricks are gone!

    3 responses to “Ding, dong, the pricks are gone!”

    1. Kittylove says:

      Ya! I am so gald you were able to get rid of them!

    2. EmWed says:

      Wait, so pharmacies and health centers wouldn’t take them, but a FIREHOUSE would? That is too funny!

    3. Evonne says:

      Dang, what a pain in the a**!

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