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    Day care provider? Check!

    So one of the major items on our list can officially be checked off: We found a day-care provider for G!

    We didn’t get into the big centers in our area because their wait-lists are pretty extensive (see our previous rant on the topic), but we’re certainly not disappointed with our decision and the outcome of the situation. We found two in-home providers that we were interested in, but what solidified our final decision was location and time availability.

    We’ll keep G in this day-care for at least 6 months and then re-evaluate. If we’re happy with the structure and education he’s getting he’ll stay through 1 year… maybe 2. He gets home cooked food (once he moves onto solids), and he’ll probably eat better at day-care than at home (as much as I am shamed to admit). I like the social interaction he’s going to have with kids in his peer-group. There will be a few toddlers as well, which I’m hoping will have the same effect as growing up w/ an older sibling and get him interacting a little bit ahead. I’m certainly not looking for G to grow up super-fast, don’t get me wrong, but I like knowing that he’ll have some developmental “role models”. I also like the smaller group setting. Hopefully less kids = less germs, and less germs = less sick G and less sick parents.

    Our plan is for G to start in January. One of us will be doing the drop-offs (probably S) and the other will be doing the pick-ups (probably me). It will all depend on who’s more flexible which part of the day. I’m normally the morning person in the bunch, so I can see myself getting up early to work so I can leave on the earlier side.
    I do ultimately realize that this is S and I planning our ideal – G is going to have his own ideas which could very well put a huge wrinkle in our planning process.

    So at least for now, this is one BIG “to-do” task we can relax about. We still have to:

    • find a pediatrician
    • have the “circumcision debate” (boy is S looking forward to this one)
    • research chord blood banking usage (it’s a pretty hefty expense… but would I regret NOT doing it if we needed it?)
    • research vaccination schedules and delay alternatives (w/ G going into day-care, we might not have too much choice into this one)
    • start looking into a second car (they don’t make infant seats for motorcycles)

    Of course there are many other “smaller” items, but the above are the big ones I’d like to/have to resolve before G arrives… and all I want to think about and can handle thinking about at the moment.

    3 responses to “Day care provider? Check!”

    1. Kittylove says:

      I am so glad you found someone to take care of him come January. It is so hard to find a place you trust that has room.

    2. Stefanomoris says:

      I vote for more kids and more germs, build up that immune syste – and I also vote for no chop! Great room for G by the way! 🙂 -stef

    3. Kirsten says:

      Congrats on finding a day care provider – that has to be a huge relief. I can’t believe how close it is getting!

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