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    Can we review your portfolio?

    Written by S

    A and I decided a while back to look for a new OB and to check out the hospitals in the area. We might as well check out our options since we wanted to find a new doc. This week was the appointment with one of the docs that came highly recommended. As we pull out of the driveway to the appointment, I say “Do you have your list of questions for her?”.

    After a short pause, I said “Do you think it’s rude to ask to see her Portfolio? If she’s going to deliver our baby, I’d like to see some pictures of her previous work.” A little laughter fills the car. I add, “You wouldn’t hire an architect or builder without seeing their work.”

    The nurse practitioner meets us in the lobby and walks us to the examining room. As we walk into the hall, the walls are lined with bulletin boards FILLED with baby pictures. Yes, every wall had a bulletin board! A turns around and said “There’s your portfolio!”

    Portfolio Review — check

    We’ve found a new doctor!

    (there were definitely more factors that went into the decision)

    2 responses to “Can we review your portfolio?”

    1. I am so gald that you guys found an OB you both like.

    2. Liza says:

      If you ended up where I think you did, you may find my own little star on the “Portfolio” mural…. Check it out next time…!! 🙂

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