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    Bye bye arm-rests :(

    It’s been about 6 years since my last ergonomics evaluation. I had one today because pregnancy is making my body change and as such the work habits that worked for me 5 months ago don’t feel so good anymore.

    The lady who did my evaluation was very nice. She brought her trusty tape-measure and took some random dimensions. She then proceeded to take all the things that make me comfy away. No more arm-rests for one. I now have to use the slide out key-board tray that bumps my knees and she wants to move my mouse to my left side. That’s where I drew the line! No more arm-rests? Fine! I’ll cope. Slide-out keyboard? With a lower chair (which I’ll be getting shortly) the knee bump issue will be gone. BUT YOU CAN’T TOUCH MY MOUSE! I never realize how much I like my wonderful right-hand mousey setup until I have to use a colleague’s machine and it’s all in reverse. So we’re compromising – she’ll change out my keyboard, but leave my mouse alone.

    With all these changes, I do hope I won’t be walking around with a stiff lower back anymore.

    3 responses to “Bye bye arm-rests :(”

    1. Evonne says:

      I feel the same way. DON’T TOUCH MY MOUSE, PEOPLE! And why would they switch it to the left side? Are you a lefty? Oh, I would so hate that!

    2. MamaDep says:

      an “Ergonomics evaluation”? boy…doesn’t that sound fancy schmancy!

      I hope the little fixes help you out!

    3. avalikelava says:

      Oh gosh — my office is all about keeping you healthy. I guess investing money in a full-time ergonomics evaluator is worth it, if you can get your employees getting healthy habits. Less injuries cost less in health bills, temp disability claims, and ultimately productivity. I know how the bottom line works 🙂
      None-the-less, as the ergo evaluator put it “You only get one body. Be good to it!” kinda rings true.

      Evonne, she wanted to move my mouse because I apparently do “too much” with my right hand. She wanted to even things out by making me give my left hand a bit more work. As you can tell — I’m a rightie!

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