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    Belly x 36

    “Labor” day is 30 days away now and G’s temporary home looks like this:

    I still marvel at how much my belly can grow.

    S has been urging me to go to the community pool, especially while I’m on my maternity leave. As lovely as the idea sounds, I don’t quite feel comfortable wearing a bikini in front of strangers. Don’t get me wrong — I think I look very good for an 8 month pregnant lady, but I’m worried that some poor child is going to see me and start crying. I can just hear that conversation now:

    [Child’s parent]: Don’t cry kiddo. It’s just a baby inside her belly!

    [Child, while sniffling]: Did that lady eat it?

    Ah, yes — no bikini for me.

    6 responses to “Belly x 36”

    1. Liza says:

      You’re too funny!! 🙂

      I also think you look awesome…!! wear that belly with pride woman… show it off….

    2. Patty says:

      You crack me up!
      And you do look great, the raised eyebrow especially 🙂

    3. Rebecca says:

      It doesn’t have to be a bikini. Could be a tank top maternity suit. It’s really good exercise to help keep in shape, and how great would it be to feel weightless right now?

    4. EmWed says:


    5. Oh, I have seen a very pregnant woman at my community pool and I thought she was beautiful in her bikini! I think you will look gorgeous in one!

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