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    Be Storm predictors. Win $30

    Yep, you might remember this game. It’s the “guess the baby stats” game. It’s easy, it’s quick, and hey you can win yourself $30 (in an Amazon gift certificate).

    My mom won last time, and to make things fair, even if she guesses best at everything again, she won’t win the prize (Sorry Mom!)

    You can take the survey now:

    [polldaddy survey=”7C20D3C85D8AE909″ type=”button” title=”Take Our Survey!” style=”inline” text_color=”ffffff”]

    or if that doesn’t work, follow this link.

    Here are some hints to help you cheat:

    – S2 is due Nov 21st. He’s been measuring a 3-6 days ahead since conception. G came 3 days early, and he measured a few (1-2?) days behind.

    – I gained 40.4lbs when pregnant with G.

    – At birth G was 6lb 6oz and was 19″ tall? long? (what do you call that measurement?)

    – G had some hair, fine and dark when he was born.

    The rules (yep, there are some):

    1. one entry per person

    2. once you respond, you can’t change your vote (sorry!)

    3. you have until Nov 1st to vote.

    4. if there is a 2-way tie, both people will each get $30. If there is more than a 2 way tie, the two people to enter in their votes earliest each get a certificate (that way for all you scheming folk that wait ’till the very end to figure out how much weight I’ll gain won’t have as much of an advantage)

    Ready? Set. GO!

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