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    Anybody in there? Hellooooooo

    I’ve always thought that from the moment I would find out that I’m pregnant my toilet and I would become best friends. I have a very weak stomach; my mother had morning sickness set off by a sniff of anything, so I just expected that I would be bonding with the toilet gods for a good long while of my pregnancy.

    ….But nothing

    I have no nausea.

    I have no sore boobs.

    I have no lower back pain.

    I am not uncontrollably hungry.

    I have no cravings.

    I WANT TO FEEL PREGNANT!!!! I want those little munchkins (or munchkin if just the one) in there to let me know I’m really pregnant!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually quite thrilled I’m not yacking left and right, but a little sign for Mommy will go a long way here. Hint, Hint!!!

    I am napping during the day though. Does that count?
    I don’t know that I’m turning into a pregnant woman to be sure, but at the very least I’m turning into my cat. I wake up, I cuddle with my husband, I have breakfast, and by 10:30-11:00am, I’m feeling tired and ready for a nap. This is after a 10 hour night’s sleep mind you.
    I woke up this afternoon after an hour nap to Neko (our cat) giving me that “suspicious cat” stare. I think he’s worried I’m stealing his job.

    Oh, and I’ve noticed now that there’s no way I can convince myself to eat anything I don’t feel like, or to eat when I don’t feel like. I don’t gag or anything, but I get an immediate aversion to whatever is in front of me that my body isn’t interested in.

    … Maybe I overlook those two symptoms because they’re not constantly there.

    … Maybe I’m ignoring anything going on right now until my ultrasound so I don’t get my hopes up :-/

    S has been reading tons about pregnancy though, both singleton and multiple pregnancies. He’s been awesome! He’s urging me to eat more and drink more water.

    Did you know that you’re supposed to drink 4L of water a day minimum for a multiple pregnancy? That’s 8 16-oz glasses of water! I can barely drink 1L, and even with that I go to the bathroom to pee all the time.

    …at least I’m allowed to eat crackers in bed though. Tee hee!

    7 responses to “Anybody in there? Hellooooooo”

    1. Kittylove (from thenest) says:

      Being tired and not wanting to eat things your body isn’t craving both sound like pg symptoms to me. I completly understand what you mean about wanting morning sickness, you would give just about anything to be constantly reminded that you are pg. It is the exact oppisite of what other pg ladies want but makes complete sense if you have battled IF.

    2. Sophie (kouiii from thenest) says:

      When my SIL was expecting her second child, she too felt being tired (and needing to take naps) and not hungry for anything. 🙂

    3. emeraldwed says:

      Yep, those sound like pg symptoms to me as well. 🙂

    4. tiffy0380 says:

      I felt really tired before feeling anything else. 12 weeks later still no morning sickness so it may never come. I’m so excited you’ve joined the club!!


    5. alibee says:

      As a chosen person, I can use my pull with G-d to see if we can’t get a little pukery in your life 😛

    6. avalikelava says:

      Alison, don’t you dare! ;p

    7. Hannah says:

      Haha, my mom had no morning sickness when she was PG with me. But she did with subsequent PG. So it depends. I hope you don’t get it but feel some signs of PG (I’m sure you’ve got the glow thing down 😉

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