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    A sample of … what?

    We had an appt. w/ our OB today. Nothing scary – this is my regularly scheduled visit.

    S and I came to the office and I stood at the front desk to check in. This elderly lady took my name and crossed me off the list. We had our standard insurance card conversation, after which she said “When you’re ready you can give us your sample!” and then walked away. I assumed that she was going to get the “stuff” for whatever “sample” I needed to provide, and explain further, but she came back empty handed and proceeded to talk to the other receptionist.

    I cleared my throat and said “Excuse me, did you say “sample”? What kind of sample?”.
    In my mind I’m thinking “Blood sample? Urine sample?… Handwriting sample?….”
    She then looked up with this confused look “You’ve been here before?”
    “Yes, I have.” I’ve been in this office for 2 prior visits, last being my little emergency stop two weeks ago. In my defense, a sample was not requested in my previous two visits.
    She then looked at me and said sloooweeer and LOUDER! “So when you’re ready, just provide a sample” (as if repeating herself verbatim was going to resolve the situation).
    “Yes, but of what?”

    This was going no-where fast. We were clearly running around in circles.
    S is behind me also perplexed, but at the same time giggling.

    Luckily at this point the nurse practitioner walked up and asked me to go back.
    I apologized for being dense, and explained I had no issue providing a sample, as long they told me what they really wanted from me. Without blinking an eye “Pee!” she said. “Can you do it now?”

    I’m pregnant! At this stage I can just about produce this on demand.

    How hard was it to just say so? It’s a doctor’s office. There must be at least 20 ways to ask for pee, at least one of which could clearly be illustrated through interpretive dance.

    Aaah… that’s my funny for the day.

    Oh… and the appointment went fine. Baby’s good!

    2 responses to “A sample of … what?”

    1. Kittylove says:

      Thanks for the giggle. I needed it today, so much sad news in my blogger world. 🙁

    2. Evonne says:

      Old lady is funny… Why can she just say “urine sample”? Was she embarrassed or what?

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