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    We’re collecting paper-clips

    From a recent conversation with G:

    G: Mom, me and Storm are collecting paper-clips.

    Me: Really? Why?

    G: So, you know… in that book, you can open locks with a paper-clip. You just have to go real slow!

    Me: So you’re trying to break into a lock?

    G: No, it’s for the claw-machine!

    Me: So you want to break into someone else’s claw machine?

    G: Yeah! For when we give it money and it drops our toy… when it cheats.

    Yes. Our kids have learned that the claw machines are programmed to fail  on purpose. And apparently they have some Robin Hood plan going on.

    Now… is this something I should discourage? Or let the sad reality of how hard it is to form a lock pick settle in?

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