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    S was out of town on a business trip for 15 days. Two weeks, 1 day… but you know… who was counting (only me, plus two kids staring at a calendar daily). We survived! Yey! Everyone is accounted for, and everyone kept their limbs, even though there was an ER visit for Zoe, and one evening the kids simply went to bed right after getting home because I couldn’t deal with arguing anymore.

    Week-ends with the kids can be rough: they can go from being incredibly sweet and helpful to each other, to teasing, fighting mean machines. And while they don’t seem to be bothered as much from the other’s behavior, it drives me bonkers.

    On the first week-end S was away, the kids and I had a Target trip on our agenda. While there, S2 scored himself a new Lego set, and I got G a Crazloom. Honestly? One of the better toys we’ve gotten him. He’d been sneaking rubber bands home from school, asking us to help him make a necklace. We’d be driving in the car, and he’d hang me 4 rubber bands to add to his necklace, so I figured “why not?”

    The main bracelet loom itself was kinda lame, but in the box came a little red “thing” that was awesome. It was easy for G to understand, and kept him occupied for hours. We even started taking it to longer drives, so he can knit in the car. Sane, peaceful car rides? Sign me up!








    Oh… in case you’re curious, I needed the kids to be busy with their games, so I could spend my week-end rat-proofing our veggie cage. It appears a rodent has discovered the culinary delicassy that are my tomatoes. He (I’m only assuming it’s a He) and I were in a stand-off on who would get to the ripe tomato first. I lie: there was no stand-off — I always lost. So I re-inforced the veggie cage with more wire netting. It took me 6 hours to do over the course of Sat and Sunday, but it’s done. And the rat has been locked out of tomato deliciousness since. Finally, win for me.

    Side note: getting your finger caught in a rat trap effin’ hurts! I acquired two rat traps, recommended by a local pest control agent. The triggers are… well… trigger-happy, and as I was setting the bait, even though I was holding off on the other end of the device, totally got my thumb. I was bruised for a week, and extremely grateful these weren’t the kind of traps that just have the bar — or instead of a bruise, I likely would’ve lost a thumb. Have no fear, no rats were harmed in the making of this story — the traps were inside the veggie cage, and since the rat never got back in, it suffered no rat heaven send-off.

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    1. Grammy says:

      Great pictures and Iam happy your rats are gone

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