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    Life is funny sometimes. There was a tea place in downtown San Carlos, called the English Rose. I never went. I love tea, enjoy a sit-down tea, but I never went. Shane is not into it, and I never did anything about organizing any other group to go. English Rose closed down (quite a bit ago, actually) and I remember when they did feeling sad about it because 1) I never took the opportunity to go, and 2) since it was mostly, kind of, a girlie activity, with two sons didn’t think that would likely be in my future.

    I was wrong!!!

    You see, G likes tea! He’s been sneaking sips of my morning tea for quite some time, and has acquired a taste for Black tea along side with me. I’m running low on my latest purchase and was getting ready for my latest pilgrimage to Palo Alto’s Tea Time. I asked G if he wanted to go, outlining to him the sandwitches, and scones, along with sipping tea and he was down for it! We had an enjoyable conversation (and a few rounds of 20 questions) on the drive there, and a cool chat over warm tea.

    G wowed the lady with his complex tea preference, and we got to try something new (so now a Lychee Black tea is joining our family collection). It was awesome, and G’s down to do this again, next time we run low on tea. Yeah, baby! I have an in-house tea partner now!






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