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    So… some news (aka Movie Monday)

    It’s a Movie Monday. More than that, it’s a Milestone Movie Monday.

    We managed to capture two “first” in video.

    First up, S2 reads. Yep — he’s been asking to learn to read, and I’d have to be insane not to take advantage of it. He’s now onto Bob book #4, having conquered 1-3.

    Next on deck: he rides a bike… with pedals. Now that G has a bigger bike, S2 has taken over the pedal bike upgrade. Shane took him out for some bike riding and came to the conclusion S2 really didn’t understand how pedals work. Had to get him off the bike to illustrate the mechanics. After that, S2 got it. That’s my boy’s engineering brain at hand. I am both proud of him and pity him. My mind works that way too — if I see the mechanics, I get it… but it also means that until I see the mechanics, I struggle. Not necessarily the best thing when you’re on the clock on something… like let’s say… skydiving, trying to figure out why you are turning without initiating it. But I digress. Yey, S2!

    It’s been a big week-end around here!

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