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    G’s school just finished a two week read-a-thon run. They keep track of minutes read at home and at school, but reading themselves, and having been read to. G didn’t start getting into it until he saw the recognition prizes handed out for each 500 minutes read. In his true competitive spirit, as soon as he figured out this was also a competition, he kicked it into high gear. His goal was 1000 minutes by the end of the two weeks, and he did it. He was at 890 minutes two days out, leaving him with just about 2 hours worth of reading to do the night before the final log was due. S and I were attending S’ company party that night, so it was up to our babysitter to help. I don’t know what bribing he did on his end, but she read to him for two straight hours so he could meet his goal. I’m shocked (and thankful) she helped make it happen. I hope the poor girl isn’t now dealing with laryngitis because of it 🙂

    I volunteered to count the logs on the last day. I’m kind of glad, because after all the work he put in, he forgot to turn in his sheet. After I checked off all the sheets, I had to run to his classroom and dig through his back-pack to find it.

    Volunteering for log duty gave me a really interesting insight into how the whole class was doing. At a 1000 min G wasn’t the top reader in his class. He wasn’t even in the top 5. There were 3 kids with counts into the 1300s. Almost everyone else had 1000 and over. Less than 5 kids had counts under 1000. It was cool! His teacher also said this was the first year so much of the class got into it.

    Volunteering wasn’t without some drama though. It was my responsibility to verify the reported minutes. Since it was the last day, it was especially important to verify the minutes for the kids most likely to be top reader, since they get a prize. Well… the kid with the most minute had a false 4 hour lead — one of their parents had double counted the minutes read in class. So I had to deduce 4 hours from their log, putting their kid in the median. Hope they don’t get mad.

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