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    Leona’s big day

    Storm brought Leona to school yesterday. I knew it was a risk, but I had hoped he’d be ready to leave her in his backpack once in the classroom. I get that he needed some comfort in a new environment.¬†When it was time to say Good Bye, his teacher asked that she leave, since Leona¬†didn’t have a name tag. Storm was a bit upset, but I promised him that Leona was going to have an adventure with me going to work. And I promised him pictures. My coworkers were super happy to oblige and participate, which I appreciate. Thanx, guys! I work with some good-hearted people.

    Leona “helped” drive. She couldn’t see over the steering wheel though, so ultimately just played co-captain


    She greeted people in the lobby


    She met Fish


    … and a dog



    Dog got to know Leona. This was a mandatory photo. I have a 5 yr old boy. Butts are funny.


    She supervised


    She attended a meeting


    Oh yeah, she was top dog!


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