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    He can write his name!!!

    G and I were working on his second homework assignment this week-end. At the end, I asked him to write his own name on his paper… mostly so that I could see him try. Not only did he try, he did a kick-ass job! I didn’t even realize he could. As I watched him shape letter after letter, I was so amused/impressed/in awe, it just took me awhile to realize “I should be recording this!”. So here you go, evidence of him doing his own letters 🙂 Sure his G is up-side down, and his N is really an M, but you know what? MY KID IS WRITING HIS OWN NAME!!!!


    (Side note: I worry about his school days. We are getting the assignments done in time, with days to spare, but I really wish I could get myself in order to do them right away).

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