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    Things to make me feel ornery…

    I bought myself a new computer. It arrived with Windows 8 installed. The interface is just not something I’m familiar with, and the learning curve is making me cranky.

    I am driving a rental for the week. It’s a Toyota Avalon, and after driving the Honda Fit around for years, the Avalon feels like a boat. The car has a key-less control system, and I’m living in constant paranoia that I’m going to exit the car, forget to take the key with me and lock myself out. It also took me a few minutes to realize that the radio display was touch screen.

    It’s just too much “newness” for me, and I’m not digging it right now. I’m a creature of muscle memory, and my current, long to-do list is only lending itself to tasks I can complete quickly through familiarity with my tools. I’m just not in a good mind space to dedicate myself to taking it all in to figure out it.

    PS, Yes, I recognize that in about 10 years, when I come back to read this (or better yet in 20 when the boys do), all of this will seem like rudimentary stuff and looking back on this confusion will just sound dumb. But today, this is my life. Now… get off my lawn!!!

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    1. Ann Marie says:

      I soooo appreciated this post!!! It’s totally how I feel about technology these days…I just don’t have time to figure out new stuff. Braden thinks I’m so funny this way. I really feel for what you’re saying though!!!

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