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    Skype is a many wonderful thing

    S and I aren’t fortunate to live close to either of our families. The closest, distance wise, is 370 miles away. Although we all make an effort to visit as often as we can, this means that G doesn’t get to get spoiled by his Grammies, often, or ride horsie ontop of the Grandpas.

    This is where Skype comes in.

    We now Skype with our families about once a week. We reserve this activity for week-ends (or the occasional evening) when we can battle time-zones, and daily schedules. All grandparents & aunties are setup with their own Skype accounts, so G now gets to show off his belly-button…

    … and his nose

    … or his latest toy

    … LIVE to them all.

    Personally, I love this! I love seeing him excited about the person on the other side of the screen. The best is when he reaches out to touch them. Yeah, it’s not the same as having the physical person near, but I’m thrilled that we live in a time when this is possible, common… and frankly free.

    Thank you Skype!

    PS. Occasionally we cover-up the keyboard since G is just as excited to type up his comments as verbalize them.

    3 responses to “Skype is a many wonderful thing”

    1. Kelly Marie says:

      I love it! We try to use Skype when Ben is on the road but his wifi connection is never very good. 🙁

      • avalikelava says:

        Boo, Kelly! I’m sorry — him being away is already hard enough. It’s in a way worse when you have a glimmer of hope and it’s taken away from you. Hopefully, though, if video doesn’t work consistently, at least audio-only calling does.

    2. Kirsten says:

      I love the photo of him showing off his belly button. He looks so proud!

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