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    Little stinker

    My conversation today w/ S2 as we were changing diapers. We still play our “stinky feet” game. You know… the one where he waves his foot in front of my nose and I pretend to faint because they are stinky? In all honesty, his stinky toes are no more: the stinker bombs those things were when he was an infant has gone away. But we still play:

    Me: [pointing to one leg, and then the other] That’s Stinky Woo, and this is Sticky Wow!
    S2: Tinky woo woo?
    Me: There’s no Stinky Woo Woo, just Stinky Woo and Stinky Wow. And you’re the Big Stinker!
    S2: I not Big Tinker
    Me: You’re not? Who are you then?
    S2: I Little Tinker!

    Ok — you win!

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