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    Let the cow milk flow!

    We’re weaning.

    G is now a year old, and with the exception of maybe 10oz total of formula “experimentation”, I can say that this little man has been exclusively breast-milk fed. This is something I never thought I’d come to say. Even before he was born I knew that every day I could provide for him would be a blessing. I knew that supply issues, having ran in my family, would greet me as well. That assumption did not disappoint. I’ve taken numerous supplements and meds, woken-up each morning at 2am to pump (just to maintain supply), hydrated myself silly, and spent 2.5hrs of my work day in the mom’s room pumping. I have no qualms with saying that I’ve given breastfeeding my best shot. I am proud to have gotten here. It was pure stubborn-ness, but we got here.

    I began introducing dairy to G about a week and a half before his first birthday. My freeze-stash was depleting and my supply took a dip again. I saw no reason to try to fuss with my meds dosage, so I started with 1oz of whole cow milk in his bottles mixed in with his Mamma-Juice. I’ve increased it by an ounce each day. He’s now consuming 14oz of cow’s milk working his way up to 20oz. I will continue nursing him mornings and evenings as long as my supply will let me… or G will co-operate.

    I can’t say that I’m not enjoying the liberty that weaning is affording me. I’m more productive at work. I can sleep more than 3 hours in a row, so I’m rested more than I have been all year. Above all, my anxiety levels have greatly come down. I don’t know if I can ever describe what it feels like to know that you can’t give your baby something they need. Especially when you know that 1) they’re under-weight; 2) refuse to drink formula (those 10oz were a battle, believe me, and we tried all sorts of different brands and ratio mixes w/ breastmilk). Interestingly enough, now all of that stress is subsiding, I’m enjoying the nursing time we have together more than before.

    The one thing that did take me aback, though, was G’s one year Well appointment. During our discussion on nutrition and weaning, G’s doc was happy he was responding so well to WCM, but also advised that in addition to the moo-juice, he’d love to see me continue nursing until G turns two!!! The look on my face must have been something priceless (perhaps a mixture of awe and shock), because S stumbled to clarify. Honestly, I was thinking “Are you kidding me? Have you any idea what it took to get here?” I’m not against extended breastfeeding, believe me, I just never saw myself being able to do it. And I was resentful, because I felt like I just ran a marathon, only to be told I had to run the distance one more time before I could be rewarded. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure we’ll make it another full year, but we’ll take it each day at a time.

    Meanwhile, I am gradually  dropping how often I pump at work. This week, I’m down to 4 sessions; next week 3; then 2; then 1. I will continue to have that mid-day pump for as long as G and I do this together. I’ve heard too many horror stories to make drastic changes, plus if we’re going to continue the morning and evening feeds, I don’t really need to dry up. This milk will be frozen and used only for times I’m not around for him. It’s just strange that now that I’m weaning, because I still pump as often, my freezer stash is growing. Who knows how long that will last, but I’m not taking it for granted.

    On a side note, once G is fully transitioned to WCM, I only have to send empty bottles to day care. The new facility takes care of the milk. I’m looking forward to that!

    One response to “Let the cow milk flow!”

    1. Ariel says:

      Ava, I am so proud of you for having made it this far. You have had so many bumps in the road and your determination to get to one year has truly paid off. I understand your annoyance with the pedi over telling you to continue. I would be upset too. That said I hope your supply keeps up and you are able to do morning and evening feeds for as long as you and G want. Congrats on exclusively breast feeding for a YEAR!

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