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    Foto Friday

    Two weeks ago, G’s Auntie P, and Mr. L (that’s Auntie P’s beau) came up for a visit. On her last day, we all piled up in the car and headed north for the CA Academy of Sciences. We had a good time, even though we missed out on the rain-forest exhibit. Oh well, I guess a reason for them to go back with us again.

    I wasn’t planning on taking my fancy photography gear with us that day, mostly because I wanted to enjoy the exhibits with the family, but since both P and L planned to take theirs, I lent P the fancy camera. Unfortunate side-effect? Now she wants one ;p

    Best part for me, though? For a change I get to be in photos! HA!

    Here we go

    Big kitty!

    Rattle-snakes. Me, showing G what kind of pet we’re NEVER having.


    Peeking down at the acquarium

    Rain-forest exhibit


    Lots of fiss

    Oh, he was not a fan of the star-fish. Water was kind of chilly, in his defense

    We were invited over for dinner by this guy. We declined

    Our personal paparazi. Please visit often!

    One response to “Foto Friday”

    1. Kim says:

      Its a great place! I loved it when Kasey took me there this time last year!

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