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    Diaper free (just about)

    S2 has joined the ranks of the toilet trained peoples. We spent this past week-end rewarding via Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops and Lego mystery pack pieces successful contributions to the human waste sludge of our local municipality.

    I will say that doing this with S2 was much easier than with G. I knew he was much more ready. He’d actually gone through daycare on several occasions, and one of his teachers has been urging me to get on it. But I’ve been waiting for a 3-day week-end when there wasn’t a whole lot of activity already planned. This was it. Valentine’s day was a stay-at-home day for him, since his school had in-teacher training. Plus President’s Day — it gave us 4 days to do this.

    Total accident count? 3.5. The first 2 were on the first day, as expected, but he got it. Super fast. By the end of the first day, no joke, he was running to the bathroom on his own. The second day I was worried, because he seemed to be able to go when urged, but he wasn’t initiating going on his own. I don’t want to do the reminder approach — I want him to recognize when he has an urge. Day 3, yesterday was awesome — I let him do his thing and he did great. Today, same thing. So, I guess he’s ready.
    Meanwhile, I’m “ready” with extra outfits in the car and a piddle pad on his car-seat.

    We even managed to leave the house a couple of times, and he did great. Even survived a movie today… which as a side-note also marks a first — a first movie he’s been able to sit through IN a movie theater. I put a pull-up over his undies, just in case we couldn’t make it to a bathroom in time, but he was dry.

    Yey, S2!

    And… since I was subjected to staring at a naked tush for the past few days, I’m subjecting you to the same. I mean, what kind of mother would I be without embarrassment material for his teen years?


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    1. Jen Boettcher says:

      I love love love that kid toilet seat within the regular seat. We got one too and while Cassie is still using her little Elmo potty (when she sometimes uses a potty), she has sat on it a few times, and I think it will be so useful in the 2.5-4 year old timeframe to have it built in like that!

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