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    S2 is at the age where he’s fighting naps, but isn’t really ready to stop napping either. He naps at school: he just fights us on it at home. I remember this time with G all too well — S and I got more exhausted over nap time, and we were likely to fall asleep while he ran circles around us. S2 is no different.

    What worked for G was to literally restrain him, in his car seat, and drive him around. This was when we’d go drive and visit the horse ranch in Palo Alto. Wouldn’t you know it, it works for S2 as well! We got in the car, drove up the hill, and he was out before I could hit mile 4. Thankfully, he was a bit more environmentally friendly than his brother. I brought my laptop and pulled over and sat there, culling through images from my client session this morning.

    Guess what we’ll be doing again tomorrow? I just hope he passes out quickly again so I don’t have to drive too long. I also need to map out my free wifi routes too. I have some Netflix I could catch up on 🙂

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