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    22 months

    This month is marked by several firsts:
    – first split-open head
    – first jumps in the air with both feet off the ground
    – first displays of interest in TV
    – first discovery of M&M’s. He’s in love!

    It’s also been marked by:
    – lots of sleep-less nights with 2-3 wake-ups
    – extreme stubornness
    – major dada preference

    I released a mini-moster when I gave him his very first M&M. Since then, he asks to be picked up whenever we’re in the dining room and points to the high cabinet where reward treats are stowed away. He asks me to open the door, and then his face lights up along with a smile as he stares adoringly in their direction. It’s actually pretty amusing. He looks like he’s in a trance. However, now that’s all he asks for all the time. Let’s just say I’m glad there are only about 15 left. He’s allowed one a day, and when they’re out, somehow I will keep forgetting to replenish our batch. Yes, I realize Halloween is around the corner, but I’m hopeful that I’ll get to inspect & cleanse the loot before they get into it.

    He’s a huge fan of building tools, and I see him playing with out Home Depot kids’ tool-set more than anything else. He likes to hammer things (my ears have never been “happier” NOT!), and screw nails in with the battery-operated driver.

    He is a balls out kid, no question and is really pushing his boundaries based on what he sees older kids around him do. He likes to mimic any sort of behavior illustrated by boys older than him, weather appropriate or not.

    He’s a big huger. I’ve been tackled by many out of the blue, sneak up behind you embraces. Typically done in a Hug and Run fashion.

    Still loves books. He can sit in your lap for books forever.

    He’s also trying to sprout those molars out. Agh, I can’t wait. These days he’s waking up at least twice a night, which is not helping S and I get out of bed early in the am. While I love how flexible our jobs are, school is now back in session and leaving the house 30 minutes later makes a huge impact on our commute. No good.

    Onto S2 monthly stats:

    Weight: 26lb 1oz

    Number of teeth: 11. Come on teeth! Poke out. Really. Just get it over with

    Words & Phrases: 44, although I’m certain it’s so much more. I wrote 9 this month, but I feel

    • hat
    • owl
    • tek-ie (thank you)
    • fruck (swap: this has now replaced tuck truck)
    • tub
    • sip
    • buggy
    • allo (it’s how he answers the phone — apparently he’s been getting lessons from my European family)
    • oo aa dada (where is dady?)

    Favorite food: M&M’s. I’ll hang my head in shame now

    Favorite activity: A little hard to tell. He does so many things, it’s hard to tell what his favorite it. But in terms of toys? He seems to enjoy playing with the tool-set most these days

    My hopes for next month: the rest of the teeth to make their presence seen. Over the wake-up calls. Literaly.

    Potty-trained?: Hahahahaha! Yeah… no.

    Naughtiest moment of the month: pushing Neko’s buttons. He got swatted awhile ago, but he’s not helping himself by poking at the kitty and not giving him space.

    Sweetest moment of the month: Playing “lobster claws” with our kitchen mitts

    Temper tantrum meter: Moderate, although now that I’ve lived through the terrible 2’s and 3’s from G, s2’s tantrums are still qualified as “cute”

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