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    21 months

    Oh monkey! How you have come to dread these monthly sticker sessions. Luckily for you, I will torment you with only 3 more of these this year. Unlikely for me, I have 3 more of you do this this year. You see, what I’m hoping for is something like this:

    but with a little bit more smile. Instead you give me this:

    and this:

    (and those were the GOOD out-takes).

    S2’s personality is really developing right now. He’s a super sweet little man: helpful, and empathetic. When someone’s hurt, he brings them whatever will make them comfortable by listening to the conversations around them. He’s brought G ice out of the freezer when he had a bump, out of no-where, and runs to fetch G’s loveys when he’s upset. He likes to be a little mischievous, but tells you with his face when he’s trying to be funny. He’s also a flirt. BOY does he like the ladies. And if you’re wearing a low cut shirt, he likes to pull it and look down your blouse… or bathing suit. So watch out ladies — he’s in full on goods inspection mode too. He loves riding bikes, splashing water around, and building whatever tall tower anyone around him has painstakingly built.

    Weight: 26lb 4oz
    Height: 31.75″

    Favorite food: Is it a breakfast good that has carbs? Yeah, he’ll eat that. Anything else? Not so much. We definitely know he’s picky-pants because he’ll accept foods with harder, chunkier textures, but turns his nose at about 99% of anything I give him that does not come out of a jar.

    Favorite toy: Still water 🙂 And maybe the toothpaste tube

    Favorite activity: Swimming

    New accomplishment: Being able to open the front door to the house. Damn kids getting tall before their brains adapt to danger

    Number of teeth: Still 11, but at his dentist visit this past Monday, we’re seeing the canines rising

    Number of words: 35. Added:

    • Box
    • Doug (dog)
    • Strawberry
    • Monhee (monkee)
    • Cracker
    • Puh-puhl (purple)
    • Ouh-daii (outside)
    • Buck-uh (Buckles – the buckle lion)
    • Tuck (truck)

    Naughtiest moment: Biting. Oh the biting :-/

    Temper tantrum meter: moderate-high

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