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    18 months

    A year and a half! G is a year and a half old!!! I say that with disbelief and amazement and nostalgia (already!) for the days he was a wee infant. I was inspired to look at his 1 year video this week and just couldn’t believe how little he was. I miss that little baby already! Not that I wanna keep having babies, but I can understand why people want more just so they can have a little one-month old around again…. and then I remember the non-stop screaming, the sleepless nights, and the haze that the first 3 months were, and I snap right back out of it 🙂

    This tail end of this month was been pretty rough. We had a new tooth break through (Sunday), hand, foot & mouth disease (Monday onwards) AND an ear infection (Thursday) all in one week. I swear there was a germ rave going on in G’s body and someone rolled out the welcome mat before clearing it with us first. My friend A put it best when she said that kid playdates are like sex: you’re not just playing with one friend; you’re playing with all the friends they played with. If I don’t have to care for a sick toddler for another year it will be too soon. I realize that’s unrealistic though, so I’d like a break for at least 3-4 months. Deal, germs?

    Now, our survey!

    Weight: 21lb 9oz

    Height: 30″

    Number of teeth: 13

    Words: + 7 this month (but 2 are contentious since they’re not in regular rotation yet):

    • Muh (milk)
    • Cakeh (cracker)
    • El-No (Elmo)
    • Wee! (self-explanatory)
    • Noh (nose)
    • Bye-bye. This and the next one he has to repeat again for me to count it.
    • Diapeh (diaper). He has to repeat this one again for me to count it. He said it twice, but in a row, so…

    Favorite food: no change. Big fan of Baby Mum-mums these last few weeks though, and he discovered birthday cake. He likes! So much so that after I finished my slice, he saw more on daddy’s plate and ran over to make friends with him. We don’t have a dog. Where did he learn the doggie begging tricks?

    Favorite activity: 1) Climbing on things he shouldn’t; 2) throwing things (he shouldn’t) at things (he shouldn’t)

    New accomplishment: 1) Climbing on the couch using a box for extra lift. He’s a smart cookie! 2) G’s really interested in feeding himself with silverware. Although the food on his spoon rarely makes it IN his mouth, he’s really making an effort.

    My hopes for next month: More words & getting rid of the baby bottles. We’re down to one bottle a day, the rest are all sippies, but he insists that he’ll only drink his morning milk out of his baby bottle. I’ve tried with a variety of sippies, but he just won’t drink until Dr. Browns shows up. If I wasn’t worried about him dropping off the chart again, I’d brute force this, but I just don’t have the heart to.

    Potty trained?: Don’t I wish!

    Naughtiest moment of the month: Oh where do I start?

    1. Playing Evil Kneivel on his rocking bike by standing on the seat
    2. Trowing drier balls at the living room TV
    3. Biting me (HARD) on my thigh because I wasn’t letting him climb up on my chair

    … and those happened in the lat 3 days. I’ve blocked out the rest

    Sweetest moment of the month: Putting his head on my lap while watching TV

    Temper tantrum meter: HIGH

    2 responses to “18 months”

    1. Kendra says:

      Hi there,
      I just watched the 1st year video. You did such a nice job with it. I’m working on my daughter’s right now. What program did you use for the editing? I’m planning to use Windows Movie Maker but I’m not sure if it will allow me to do those cool effects with the photos. I’m just curious if you also used Windows Movie Maker or if you used something else.


      • avalikelava says:

        I did 2 things to make the movie
        1) For the photo slideshow I used Animoto. I paid for their premium movie option so that I can have a movie of any length, add my own song, and download a high-res version, but it was very reasonable (under $30)
        2) For the movie clip splicing, I think I ended up using Vegas Video. I tried w/ Windows Movie Maker, but liked the control of Vegas Video better. To make sure that I had space for the video clips in between the photo frames, I inserted black placeholders to make my transitions easier.
        Hope this helps,

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