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    The secrets to good parenting. Bribes

    G is in the process of transitioning to the pre-k room at daycare. He’s had some excellent days, but lately some not so excellent days. So I’m resulting to the excellent parenting technique of bribery.

    In summary, he doesn’t want to go some days. I haven’t really gotten at the true root of why. He’s talked about missing Teacher S, which is true: he’ll still see her tons on the playground, but he won’t be in her room, and that makes him sad. He’s happy to be back with Juju, but said he really misses S. I don’t know how true this is, but he hasn’t even tried spending any time in the bigger-kid room. He’s excited about the projects they’re doing in his classroom, and the familiar routine. The routine next door isn’t drastically different, but things are a little later, a little more structured, really preparing for kindergarten (the whole point to this thing).

    For awhile, we thought he was doing remarkably well, and the move would be easy and fast. Now a week in, I’m having doubts.

    So cue bribery.

    He’s been asking for a fire truck. He likes one by Bruder (the maker of his crane), so I told him that the fire truck is a big kid toy, and I’m happy to give it to him if he earns it by spending time and moving over to the big kid room. Hey, it worked with potty training. I’m willing to see if lightning will strike twice.

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