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    The first hair-cut

    S2 got his first haircut this Sunday. It was time. While cute, the kid was sporting a mullet, and the only saving grace was that his back had curls.
    G had his first haircut when he was a little older than one. S2 has managed, though exceptionally slow hair growth and reverse-male-pattern baldness, to eek it out until 2. But it was time.

    We went to the little place we love, Lil Couture in San Mateo. The main owner is awesome, and has always done well by G’s hair. We asked for her specifically: a double booking back to back. We asked G to go first. This had me with some trepidation to be sure, because G can be so unpredictable at appointments these days. But S asked him to go first so he can show S2 what to do and how still to sit. And he did great! He was watching Cars on his little screen, and did awesome. I also welcomed his cut because his hair was starting to get into his eyes, and he therefore decided to take it upon himself and give himself hair-cuts. Sadly, the shorter cut is definitely illuminating his own uneven cut creations, but I guess now we’ve given him less incentive to try on his own.

    S2 also did great. He was subjected to the credits of Cars, since the movie ended, but still sat patiently for C who was extra fast and good with him. He even sat for the clippers in the end too. G has never had clippers!

    Haircuts are always a strange event for me. Both boys feel like they age 3 years right after a cut. It makes me miss them as babies. I also go through a period of estrangement, where I look at them, and I know they’re MY kids, but they look so different, I have a hard time getting over it. I’m not saying I’ll eat my young or anything, just that once in a while, for a split second, they look alien to me.

    They were both rewarded with lolli-pops upon completion. S2 took 2 hours to go through his. I dare not ask what germs and bacteria attached itself to it by the time he was through.

    Now… onto the pictures:

    Playing while we wait

    Bye bye curls and mullet!

    Getting some inspiration for a new Do

    Watching big bro

    Easy peasy! We can do this!

    S2’s turn

    The apron

    The mist

    Snip, snip!

    He even got a buzzer bee

    Lolli rewards

    Mommy’s memento

    After hair-cuts, we promised G that we’d go out for lunch where he can get a pu-pu platter. Potty jokes are big with him, but spelling isn’t, and he’s been asking for it for awhile. We figured if he was good, we’ll do it. I genuinely have no idea what he’s expecting to be served. I don’t think I want to know. I just know, though, that when he gets his sampling of small appetizers he’ll be sorely disappointed. Yep, I’m still using future tense here, because as much as S and I tried, we weren’t able to find a place, locally, that had them. We looked online, and thought we had found a restaurant with pu-pu on the menu. We went there and got seated for lunch. Looked at the menu. Nothing of the sort. So we walked out. So many restaurants don’t update their online menus and it makes me mad. In this situation it was a complete menu over-haul too. G asked for roasted chicken nuggets. We ended up at KFC. Sigh! The hunt continues.

    2 responses to “The first hair-cut”

    1. Lindsy M says:

      I take the boys there as well, they are so sweet and do a great job! S looks way too grown up with his new do.

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