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    Teeth. Finally!!!

    I am bouncing for joy over here. ‘Cuz S2 is growing some new chompers. Despite all the crankiness, drooling, biting, wake-ups in the middle of the night, our little man has gone for 5 months without a debut of any new teeth. I was actually really starting to worry that he might be missing a tooth or two (or more). Missing one tooth can be OK, but after looking at baby tooth growth charts, and seeing his peers show off full mouths of pearly whites, was really starting to concern me. Kids without baby teeth usually are people without adult teeth. Sure he looks cute now, and still baby-ish with only 11 teeth, but an adult with 11 teeth made me sad for potentially inviting ridicule. Especially if you can’t get prosthetic until your jaw stops growing, in your late, late teens. ACK!

    We talked about it briefly with his dentist, and she confirmed that 1) she will X-ray him when he turns 3 to see what’s going on in there; 2) even if we do the x-ray, no matter what it says, she can’t do anything for him either way.

    So I was feeling generally in the dumps about his future smile. Would it have any impact on his eating? On his facial formation? And then… finally… this week in another (internal) pleading attempt as I inspected his mouth at night, I saw them. The little white nubs finally poking out of his gums. Hooray! Monkey is growing in 3 new teeth at once. 2 are the canines (ugh — not a fan, remember G’s experience), and at last, his final incisor. You know 8 months “fashionably” late, but who’s counting ;p

    And here is S2’s latest tooth chart. I feel SOOOO much better. Really, really.

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