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    Snake & all the answers

    G declared today that he’d like to be a snake for Halloween next. I won’t lie. I thought to myself “Great! Another surely impossible costume to find”, so I went with “well, you have a long time to decide between now and Halloween”. That didn’t seem to phase him, so I went into Stage 2: sabotage. This brought us into this conversation:

    Me: G, snakes don’t have any arms. How will you hold your candy bag if you don’t have any arms as a snake?

    G: I’ll carry it in my mouth


    Me: … but if you have your mouth full, you won’t be able to say “Trick or treat!” Then how will people know what to do?

    G: I’ll only talk with my mouth a little open

    [Damn ^2!]

    I think I’m doing to need to start looking at some snake costume patterns.

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