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    S2 ear saga

    A few months ago (yes, I suck this bad at getting photos off my phone), S2 had to have surgery to have his last remaining ear tube removed. He got “lucky” in that his second one didn’t fall out on his own. If they’re not removed, the body will start growing around them, which will make them a permanent fixture. I won’t lie: I felt this was a pretty big nuisance, until that last bit was explained to me. Having to keep a kid away from eating and drinking: getting up at the crack of dawn to take them to the hospital is just not my idea of a good time. Especially considering watching them wake-up from anesthesia.

    S2 took his procedure in stride. To some degree it was actually good that G had had his tonsils out just a few weeks prior. G got to tell him about it and what to expect. Even though S2 had been through it all before, he was only 18 months, so it was neat to have his older brother share his experience. They made a competition over who would be able to count to more numbers in the OR prior to getting conked out.

    For that morning, I had ordered S2 a Darth Vader mini-fig. He’d been asking for one for a long time, and I was hoping waking up to Darth would distract him enough NOT to ask for breakfast. It worked! And he was very excited to show him off to the nurses at check-in.

    Unlike G’s surgery (because S2’s was so minor), we didn’t have family in town. That meant S had to drop G off at school, and then come meet us. By the time he arrived it was all over and we were getting ready for discharge. Luckily the tube pulled out easily, and there was no damage on the ear drum that needed to be repaired.

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    2014-09-12 07.37.22

    2014-09-12 07.42.50

    2014-09-12 07.43.00

    2014-09-12 07.43.03

    2014-09-12 08.07.59

    Now I’m just hoping we’ll survive a winter season without any ear infections. Stay tuned…

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