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    Right of passage: head lice checks

    Right of passage experience going on today: checking for head lice.

    We had a really active Sunday last week-end, and from one of our gatherings, a mom reached out to me to let me know that after the party, she found lice in her kids’ hair. It was good of her to say something. But it put S and I into an educational frenzy: what do we look for, how do we do it, how do we treat it?
    Then, this morning I had to check the boys and explain to them why I was doing this and what head lice were. It included informational conversations and dances that looked something like this:
    Me: Well, head lice are bugs that live in your hair. They like to jump from head to head. And when they come to your head and see ALL the room  they have, they go “Ooooh! Lookie. I had stretch out. PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and then they go “BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY! BABY!” and make lots of babies.
    They also do a dance like this:
    “Party in G’s hair. Woo! Party in S2’s hair. Woo! Party in Mommy’s hair. Oh yeah! Party in Daddy’s hair. Oh, eh – he doesn’t have any. Never mind! Back to party in G’s hair!” (be sad there’s no video recording of my lice dance)
    The kids thought it was hilarious. I hope they still feel that way if we do get lice to turn up and we have to treat it. Meanwhile, everyone’s getting their hair treated, bugs or not as soon as the Amazon order arrives.

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