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    Reunited and it feels so goooood

    Guess who we got reunited with yesterday? TADA… Moonka the Second!

    Last year (the original) Moonka #2 went MIA. I searched all over our house, our cars, but she was gone. Alas! I ordered a replacement, but G knew that wasn’t his Moonka. We had been so diligent in using two Moonkas so that they were equally loved, that he knew the difference. Observe the tags. Both my kids, for some inexplicable reason, are tag munchers. Moonka #1 and Moonka #2’s tags were munched down to little stubs. Moonka #3, the imposter, was since dubbed “Long Tag” and has been reserved for exclusive Mommy and Daddy cuddling, while G only held onto the original (aka “short tag”). So sad! I tried sucking on the tag myself, but I gotta tell you, I do not have the time, patience, or lack of gag reflex to get “long tag” to the degree of use to have her pass off. Cutting the tag just doesn’t seem like it would’ve worked, either.

    But yesterday? Ah, yesterday, G and S2 went to an in-home daycare that we use whenever our regular school is closed. My a miracle, or should I say destiny, I had forgotten to bring G’s friend in the car. By the end of the day, G comes running to me with Moonka (#2), excited, and Miss M. told me how she found Moonka #2 when she was packing up for her move. She had held onto her, knowing that some day we’ll call again. I don’t know how/why I never thought that there’s a possibility Moonka #2 was left there. I swear I take good accounts on where all lovies are located and tracked.

    Still, our family friend is back, and G’s a happy clam.

    As a side note… tomorrow we will have a 4 yr old that still loves his lovies dearly.

    Just for that… here we go again ;p


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