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    When my parents visited earlier this year, they brought with them two of my child-hood toys. These are stuffed toys that I used to play with around S2’s age… so “old” would be an understatement here 🙂 So old I have no recollection what their names were. Mom, if you remember, let me know, OK?

    I won’t lie — though I don’t play with them now, the fact they’ve stood the test of time makes me very hesitant to share them with our boys. They can play, but in my own bratty way, it must be under my supervision. G hasn’t really expressed any interest in them, but S2 every once in awhile asks for my cow or bunny. I caught some photos of him playing with the bunny. It’s actually pretty sweet.








    Bunny needs a bit of surgery (as does Cow, to be honest). One of his ears is falling apart at the seams, and I’ve already seem to have misplaced his tail. It came off, and since it was a small, fluffy thing that rolls, I suspect Zoe had a soccer match of her own with it. Maybe when I take the loveys to be preserved one day, I’ll take these guys, along w/ S’ Raggedy Andy doll too.

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